Grand Openings
Saturate the catchment area for your new business or service.

Upcoming Events
Drive traffic to your scheduled event. In the days or weeks leading up to your event, advertise right in the locations that people who are most likely to attend can be found.

Guerrilla marketing
We can take your message anywhere. That competitor who’s biting into your business spends millions on a sports sponsorship? We can circle the stadium all day on gameday.

Highly Targeted
Specific roads. Specific neighborhoods. Specific cities. Wherever your prospects are is where we can go.

For our mobile LED program all the screens are dedicated to one client, the entire route, for a pure and effective branding experience.
We undertake to perfectly tailor the program for the client’s needs. Time of day and days of week should be at your discretion. The routes can be any neighborhoods or areas in Tampa Bay (and anywhere in Florida for longer programs). Client can supply as many slides as they like to rotate every ten seconds.
By way of example, for the last 2 years Frontier Fiber had us create 5 different messages, personalized for each city that we canvassed – over 300 different slides total. As they opened new neighborhoods for their state-of-the-art Fiber Optic internet, they could target these exact addresses with eye-catching mobile LED billboards that alerted residents and businesses to the newly available internet option. The ads highlighted the benefits of their product over the previously existing options. Our trucks patrolled every new neighborhood multiple times, and spent time at adjacent “hotspots” such as shopping centers.

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