It is common to estimate impressions for mobile LED activities from public traffic data, but in practice this has severe limitations. The actual impressions per mile for any given area are affected by a myriad of factors. Including but not limited to; current traffic density and flow; season; population density; time of day; day of week; weather; parked minutes; “hotspot” adjacency (busy retail centers, attractions, high-rise office or apt. buildings, festivals, sporting events).

We use 5 categories to multiply by the day’s mileage. The middle category “Average” is the industry standard/average: 100 impressions per mile. The driver adjudicates a category for each day/event. This is a conservative method and you can expect the results to exceed expectations based on our reported impressions.

Very Low: 10 impressions per mile
(eg: during severe weather event or very rural route on quiet roads)
Below Average: 50 impressions per mile
Average: 100 impressions per mile
(eg: a reasonable mix of commercial roads and residential in a city/suburban area)
Above Average: 200 impressions per mile
Very High: 1000 impressions per mile
(eg: in high-rise urban area or around major attractions/festivals )

95 miles on an ‘Average’ day would indicate 9,500 impressions
95 miles on an ‘Below Average’ day would indicate 4,250 impressions


An Airtable database is created for all clients (who are given privileges for 24/7 access to inspect the progress and metrics of the program). This table will contain comprehensive reporting for every day that the LED Truck screens are broadcasting your message. The image below is an example of an Airtable summary screen for a mobile LED program we conducted last year. Each row expands into a full record with any data points that are important to the message including daily photos of the LED truck screens and a photo that includes street signs, taken every 30 minutes.

Air Table Reports

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