LED Truck Advertising Cost

All three mobile LED Billboard Screens dedicated to one client, 100% of the time (the preferred model).
Two 18′ x 10′ side LED screens that rotate billboard advertisements, in tandem, every 10 seconds. The 10′ x 10′ rear LED screen rotates a square billboard advertisement independently. Either the side screens or the rear screen may be one static/permanent digital advertisement.

$175 per hour for minimum of 4 hours.
$1,000 per day (8-hour shift).
$900 per day for minimum 1-week program
$800 per day for programs longer than 10-days

*15% discount for Non Profits and Government organizations.
Book your 2024 election campaign or constitutional amendment campaign now (5% deposit). Our LED trucks can target your message to any neighborhood or city or county and drive attendance to rallies or events. First Step Marketing Mobile LED Services is based in Tampa Bay and serves all of Central Florida (or anywhere in Florida for longer LED messaging programs).
In-house advertisement/creative services available to help with, or completely design your artwork.

Artwork Specifications for Mobile LED Advertising Billboards

They are very straight forward slides (and surprisingly small for such large LED screens), but anyone can telephone 727-692-8019 anytime with advertising-creative queries.
File Type:
JPEG (color mode RGB)
Side slides are 1280 x 720 pixels (eg: so at 72 dpi the image would be 17.778” x 10” – which would equal 1280 x 720 pixels)
Rear slides are 720 x 720 pixels (eg: so at 72 dpi the image would be 10” x 10” – 72dpi x 10inches = 720 pixels)

**Important: This is display/billboard style advertising media, so use large bold fonts/logos with a short, bold, to-the-point message. Darker backgrounds with lighter text or foregrounds. Refer to our LED Truck Advertising home page for some examples. You might notice that the message looks extra professional if the side slides and rear slides match.